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Salesmanship or personal selling is one of the popular methods of selling goods that involve face to face persuasive and convincing business communication between the salesperson and the prospect in your business. The steps involved in effective salesmanship are:

  • A: gaining Attention
  • I: creation of Interest
  • D: arousing the Desire
  • C: customer Convincing
  • A: obtaining Action
  • M: More sales

But personal selling and sales resistance are inseparable too. These resistances are also termed as sales objections which arise at any moment during the communication process. Until and unless there are some reasons, nobody objects. While the majority of them are genuine in nature, some can be even fake. These objections can arise:

  1. If the prospect is not fully convinced
  2. If the purpose is to humiliate a sober salesperson
  3. If the prospect does not have purchasing power
  4. If there is pressurization and not persuasion
  5. If there is natural dislike for unknown and new products

However, the above objections or barriers to communication faced by the salesperson from the prospective customers can be handled using the following methods:

  • Direct Denial Method

This method is also known as the contradiction method or head on method. Although it is to be kept in mind that confrontations are to be avoided as much as possible, yet there are situations where it is the only preferable solution.

It is referred to as head on method because there is direct denial on the part of the salesperson which gives rise to a contradiction. It can sometimes hurt the sentiment of the customers but when presented with logic, facts and a polite attitude, this can prove to be an effective method. This particular method can be applied in cases like:

  • The objections which are raised are not true
  • The objections have been raised due to the ignorance of prospect
  • The prospect is very frank and even broad-minded.


  • Indirect Denial Method

This method is less offensive in comparison to the former method. It does not involve any sort of direct denials or contradictions and also known as the Yes…but method. One must be well accustomed to the art of telling the bitter truth in the most pleasant way. It is most apt in the cases like:

  • The prospect is short tempered and resistive in nature
  • The objections which are raised are not totally justified
  • Sometimes there is objection which is based on false grounds


  • Superior Point Method

It is also known as the counter balance method or compensation method.  Under this method, the salesperson admits the validity of the objection raised by the prospect. But the objection is tactfully handled by the salesperson where he makes the customer understand that higher quality is compensated by a higher price and vice versa. It is suitable in cases like:

  • The objection which is raised can be compensated well with an advantage


  • Reverse Position Method

It is often known to be the why method or question method. Under this method, the salesperson accepts the objection and asks the prospect to explain the reason for such an objection. The prospects fail to give a proper answer and the salesperson’s product gain the upper hand. It arises in situations where:

  • Products are introduced for the first time to customers


  • Feel-Felt-Found Method

This method describes the manner in which the salesperson can persuade a customer about their negative thoughts on a particular product by citing the examples of others who previously had the same belief. But it turned out to be a positive one after they had used the product.

  • Boomerang Method

It is also known as the translation method since it has the capacity of converting an objection into a purchase. The objection raised on a specific ground can be solved easily from the point of objection raised.

So, objections raised should be welcomed cordially and handled with utmost care by applying any particular method or combination of methods.

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