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The present time is full of deserving candidates and the employers can easily find a suitable one for a needed position in any time. But hiring a candidate is not that simple as hurrying up in the process can end up in selecting a wrong candidate. This can lead to a lot of negative consequences for the company as the candidate can turn out to be unqualified and unmotivated. They can also influence a bad atmosphere at the workplace. Financially it costs a company dearly to train an unfit candidate and then ultimately look for another candidate who will be fit for the position.

Hence, creating a checklist of all the deserving candidates should be made before conducting their interviews. While making the checklist, besides checking the qualifications and work experience of a candidate, it should also be made sure that the candidates are suitable for the organization’s culture and atmosphere. They should also be able to contribute to the goal of the organization from every perspective. While preparing a checklist, it should be checked that the best candidates get the position in the list.

Things to be considered while preparing the Checklist

  • Candidates should be career-oriented

The candidates in the list should be focused on their career and should have the tendency of developing into a professional in the job role they are applying for. This will not only help in the growth of the individual but will also ensure the growth of the organization. Candidates with multiple job history should be avoided and only the ones who view the opportunity of a job role for advancing their career should be placed on the list as they can be valuable assets to the organization in the long run.

  • Practical experience should be assessed

Most of the times, candidates who are both experienced and qualified in a given job role are called for interview. But the areas of practical experience of the candidates should be focused on before they are interviewed as this is the key for becoming familiar with a given job role. An organization also requires both money and time for training the candidates. But with the candidates having proper practical experience, the time taken for understanding the job role and adjusting in the same environment is less, which is ultimately beneficial for the company.

  • Testing the Candidates

Before preparing a checklist, an organization can conduct a number of tests to get a clear picture of the candidates’ analytical skills and learning abilities. This method is far better than just going through the resumes only and making a decision. Many candidates with impressive resumes turn out to be timid during the interview. The potential of the candidates should be tested as they might not have been true while submitting their resumes. An insight into the candidate can be achieved when they are presented with new challenges.

  • Examine the needed strength for the job role

There are many job roles available that are quite stressful. Besides having the needed qualification, the candidate should also possess the needed physical and mental strength so that they can meet the strict deadlines and simultaneously cope up with the work pressure and client demands. The candidate should also be able to stay motivated if the nature of the job role is repetitive. They should be able to stay calm and make solutions instead of getting agitated.

  • Fit for company’s culture

The candidates in the checklist should also have the ability to adapt the culture of the organization. They should be having the social skills that can help to maintain the positive dynamism in the office premises. They should have the proper etiquettes for communicating with the company’s clients. The organization should also try to cross-check the previous relations the candidate had with his colleagues and seniors so that one can sketch out the rough picture of the person.

Besides finding the correct candidate, every organization should also work on their recruitment process so that the screening of the deserving candidates becomes easier. Finding the appropriate candidate for the job role might be a difficult and complex task, besides being time-consuming. But the trouble is worth it if it is able to pay the future dividends.

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