February 7, 2018

Business Communication Course

Business Communication Course India

business communication course in India

Our well-crafted unique Best Business Communication Course kolkata will sharpen your communication skills to an expert level guaranteed.

Effective Business communication skills are individual unique techniques to bring the success within any business or organizational environment in your favour.

If you are looking for online Business Communication Course in Kolkata or Business Communication Course in India or Anywhere in the world anytime, our experts are dedicated to guide your through your journey.

Communicating effectively (clear and concise manner) to internal and external stakeholders is an essential tool for striving success in this complex and uncertain business world. It is imperative to be resilient, confident and continuously increasing capability through developing interpersonal communication skills to win the game.

Our educator is a highly experienced and has expertise in various industry sectors to give you the valuable insights and training in effective business communication methods to practically apply in your current and future challenging situations.


What You Will Learn In Our Instructor Led Business Communication Course


  • Positive Communication and Conversation Skills: Practical Training Course
  • How to build Positive Work Relationships through growth mindset, emotionally and empathetically aware of the situation
  • Business Storytelling, framing conversation for best results
  • Using Key business words during speaking and writing
  • Communication strategies for Success, techniques and tools to deal tough conversation
  • How to deal with Difficult People, building rapport while staying calm and professional
  • Effective Business Report Writing, telephone communication, reading skills, listening skills, oral communication
  • Etiquette during oral or written communication, formal talking skills
  • Learning Grammar and Punctuation: Fundamentals
  • Learning Grammar and Punctuation: Advanced
  • Skills for managing difficult conversations and influencing skills during Under Performance
  • Negotiation Skills for Business Professionals (Team leaders, Departmental Managers, Sales managers, Marketing Managers, Operational Managers, Project managers or Junior Team Members)
  • Stakeholder-mapping techniques for a strategic relationship management
  • Professional organizational and human resource policy writing
  • Human Psychology: Social Science Methods and Research Design
  • The Art of Good Conversation: How to develop Charismatic personality
  • Mutual negotiation skills for win/win/win situations
  • How to be responsive than reactive in a challenging situation
  • Learning how to be collaborative, use solution focused questions and four-step process to solve problems collaboratively
  • Building trust by embracing behaviours which will boost reliability, credibility, and a positive relationship within your team members
  • How to select an agenda for your business meeting
  • Effective vs. Poor meetings
  • How to improve your meeting outcome
  • Behavioural ethics
  • How to influence others ethically
  • Improving Behavioural / communication styles using Yvonne’s LAFFe to Success model
  • Online Digital Media: Web Writing such as blog, articles, SEO


Upon successful completion of this practical business communication course, participants should be able to experience:


  • How conversation can bring changes through happiness, success and fulfilment
  • How to use humour and liveliness in your conversation while in a one to one meeting or in a group
  • You can improve attention span, focus and make decision from a holistic view
  • You will be calm and relax while speaking and listening
  • You will be sharing and self-disclosure
  • You will learn how to ask open-ended questions, conversation as exploration
  • You will learn how to change your perception holistically and apply them in your life
  • You will improve your body language skills, the pitching rhythm and tone, use verbal and non-verbal rapport-building techniques
  • Your words will bring the encouragement, reframing and perception switching
  • You will learn how to give and receiving a compliment
  • How to be aware of you negative capability-suspending judgement
  • You will be able to make a better business image to your customers with credibility, communication technique to solve customers’ complaints, dealing customers with more clarity and show your productivity.
  • You will genuinely mitigates risk through increased understanding and reduced ambiguity
  • Presents a better business image to customers through professional writing
  • Boosts an individual’s productivity by following a time saving process
  • Saves the time of others by easier readership and understanding
  • Reduces risk through greater clarity
  • Adapts to audience needs by considering the needs of the intended recipients and their likely preferences for information consumption
  • Creates a professional individual image through well-crafted correspondence verbally or through formal email communication
  • You will see the genuine impact in your business life through change management, better customer service and employee engagement


You will also receive

  • One to One Coaching Session worth 100USD
  • Career counseling
  • Understanding your real problem in your professional career
  • Advice to personal problems
  • Problem solving exercises
  • Developing motivational skills
  • Lessons to apply in practical scenarios
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Soft skills development
  • Effective decision making and communication style
  • Individual expert advice to solve current personal challenges, better spelling and punctuation pointers
  • Interview preparation and helping to resume writing for prospective employees, client or business oriented resume preparation


“Expert Strategic Business Communicator “Certification includes 50 Plus Hours of Expert Trainer Led Interactive Training.


We conduct Business Communication Course for a variety of roles and industries including

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Administration & Office Support
  • Call Centre & Customer Service
  • Community Services
  • Education & Training
  • Engineering
  • FMCG
  • Government & Defence
  • Graduate Programs
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • HR & Recruitment
  • Insurance & Superannuation
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Legal
  • Media & Communications
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Mining
  • Not-fo-Profit / NGOs
  • Real Estate & Property
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Scholarship Interviews

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