February 7, 2018

Online English Speaking Course

Online English Speaking Course India

business communication course in India

Online Spoken English: Learn & Master Your Online English Speaking Course In Kolkata or Online English Speaking Course In India or anywhere, anytime in the world!

Improve Your English Speaking Skills with our 10 Plus years experienced expert team

Are you afraid of online English speaking course kolkata lack of which is causing you to speak publicly?

Did you miss any opportunity in MNC you wanted to secure a job due to your poor communication skills?

Do you feel insecure due to lack of English knowledge?

Do you feel nervous while speaking in English with senior staff or colleagues in your office?

Are you thinking of going to abroad/overseas for your study or work purpose, but not able to speak English effectively?

Are you pondering for words while speaking English to others in an important meeting?

Do you feel low, ashamed or embarrassed while not able to speak effectively?

You want to speak publicly but do not get the confidence to speak while you are standing on a platform.


If you fall under any of the above categories, Then Yes, join us with our team more than 10 years of experience, learn English and speak fluently in English and change your life today.

Our highly dedicated expert team will enhance your English communication skills by guiding you the best techniques to speak English fluently!!

BoldtoLead English speaking training course will provide you guaranteed individual diagnostic-based instruction and techniques to improve your communication skills along with superior body language dramatically. You will improve your score in your school exam, college exam or in your job by our online instructor led tutor to learn English.

We will train you for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) preparation with English writing, English speaking, English listening and reading if you are planning for abroad.

Our initial diagnostic assessment test (one to one) candidate which is valued USD100 is completely Free.

Our step by step learning program will improve your fundamental knowledge ( grammar,  along with train you to able to read, write or speak superior level of English also your presentation skills.

Our learning program will take routine assessment to see the visibility of your progress and identifying which areas to focus for improvement.

We have designed individualized English Speaking learning program up to 50 PLUS hours of one-on-one instruction.

business communication course in India

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