February 7, 2018

Self Development Courses

Self Development Courses India

Our online Self Development Courses or Personality Development Courses will train you how to achieve your life’s goal across a broad range of areas such as English grammar skills, English speaking skills, creative writing skills, listening skills, public speaking skills, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, persuasion skills, financial intelligence skills, team building skills, goal setting, coaching, management skills, mindset, productivity, positive psychology and leadership skills.

Our unique Self Development Courses in Kolkata or Self Development Courses in kolkata or anywhere else in the world will guide you to be maximize your true potential.

business communication course in IndiaPersonal development is a life long process which will maximize your skills and qualities. It will help you to achieve the intended aim you are looking for spiritually. You will develop the intuition and lead you to towards the self actualization stage.

You need to develop a personal vision which will motivate you to learn and grow spiritually, mentally, intellectually and physically. You will develop the resiliency which will separate you from rest of the mob and protect you form uncertain economic situations (recession, job retrenchment, industry restructure) various ups and downs stages in life.

Self development courses will well equip you to excel in various areas of life to make your stronger and be able to face any challenges comes on the way.

Our Personality Development Training will be focus on developing your focus or concentration level, reading skills, superior body language techniques, improving mindfulness during daily activities, coaching techniques, stress management, developing resilience,  creative thinking and problem solving techniques.

What you will learn from our Personality Development Training

  • Developing effective communication skills and build the confidence within yourself.
  • Building the self confidence, positive affirmation and visualization techniques
  • Understanding why change is required and how change can bring success in your life
  • learning Trait theory, how to set up SMART goals, principles of goal setting,  measuring goals, prioritizing skills, collaboration skills in an organizational environment.
  • Defining the meaning of changes in Psychology or behavioral aspects.Understanding social psychology and  behavioral science.
  • Develop a healthy coping strategies, up-scaling your confidence and self esteem.
  • Learning the skills to cope up in stressful situations.
  • Train your brain to see the happiness patterns, utilizing your greatest talents and skills. Finding the right balance between your physical nutrition, sleep and movement.
  • How to deal with difficult period in your life which includes your physical, social, mental or in relationship with your intimate one
  • Learning how to develop positive habits and getting out of bad habits including procrastination.
  • Understanding the principle of  creative thinking and the structured, sequential process to implement in your personal life or your job for problem solving.
  • Learning brain science, neurosciences, understanding how to utilize our right brain and left brain during decision making.
  • Defining and identifying stress in your life, techniques for managing stress and developing resilience.
  • Understanding the origin of our ego, behavioral traits & attitude.
  • Understanding the philosophy of stoicism.
  • Developing your presentation skills through story telling techniques, graphical presentation slides and interacting with audience while presenting. Learning how to deal with fear and anxiety, your voice, pace or gesture, getting live feedback, taking Q&A and improvisation techniques.
  • Understanding how to think from holistic view and think from Universal mind.
  • Learning the art of networking, influencing, dealing calmly, resolving interpersonal conflict and delegation techniques.
  • Conversation etiquette in personal life or in business dealing.
  • Learning financial intelligence such as the mindset and skills for trading, financial statement analysis and budgeting techniques.
  • Improve your time management skills for highest productivity and performance. identify energy flow, utilizing time in an efficient manner, monitoring results.
  • Learning how to make a plan, analyzing  all pros and cons, executing the plan, scheduling for follow up techniques.
  • Prioritization techniques, checklist techniques, Pareto analysis technique and Grid analysis tool for decision-making.
  • Learning Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
  • How to utilize technology in our daily life decisions.

You will obtain ‘Agile Coach Certificate’ after 50Plus hours of training with our expert trainer with more than 10Plus years of experience.

business communication course in India

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