How Job Seekers Should Prepare For Job Interview 5/5 (1)

Job Interview preparation is very important for new job seekers. Do you know… over the last decade, the time to find a preferable employment is taking more than three months to one year?

The key thing is values from either sides. The employer’s value/concern is about the risk of recruiting one unknown person who may not be a perfect fit for the position. The job-hunter’s value/concern is time.

Employers are more likely to hire someone who is more creative than the conventional recruitment where candidate just join and try to fit in themselves in the company.

Employers are changing in searching their key candidates. However, job seekers mindset is following the same process of submitting resume online or offline irrespective of understanding or analysing how their experience fit into the prospective employer’s requirement.

Most of job seekers attend the interviewer without even analyzing or studying various areas of the prospective company.

As economy is changing every year drastically and the requirement for jobs are accelerating at an unprecedented pace. The key question is how you are changing your skills, abilities and mindsets to sell yourself in this competitive job market?

Employers are more seeking for short term contract than conventional long term employment commitment. Therefore, job seekers to be skillful and knowledgeable enough about the emergent subjects, technological changes, learning new skills, adaptation, communication, trustworthiness, inventive, hardworking, discipline, honest, influencing skills to be learned and apply in current market.

As per study, more than 20% of jobs will be replaced by robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), sensors, integrated circuits, 3-D printers, image and voice recognition, simulation software and computer programs over the next decade.

Most job seekers submit their unsolicited resume while employers prefer solicited with recruitment agencies, coaches, professionals, study or research about the company and their culture, critically understanding their required skills to fit in.

Most job seekers do not attach their achievements or completed/ current projects they have worked on successfully or working on. They seek the history of all initiatives have been taken previously by candidates. Missing of all these penalize candidates from picking up their resume in the middle of hundreds or thousands of resumes by prospective employers.

Employers weigh past performance to project future performance of the candidate. They look for prioritization skills, passion, competencies, responsibility, eagerness, ability, adoptability in an agile environment.

If you are looking for employment, first think about what are you passionate about? Then, analyse what kind of education, knowledge, skills and competencies you possess presently and evaluate them in the current market’s requirement. Then, find out what are you missing, which areas you need to change, discuss with professionals or mentors to analyse your situation.

Most junior candidates underestimate to seek advice from experienced professionals, coaches while they apply jobs more emotionally, expecting something will turn up. However, you need to know all necessary skills to be divergent from rest of the candidates to have more odds in your favour then others. A good experience in a good environment is a lifelong asset for each candidate.

You should expect following questions to be answered by you to the prospective employer…

Why do you want to work for XYZ Company?

What can you do for us?

What kind of personality do you possess?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Are you affordable or reasonable to our salary expectation?

How do you adopt yourself in different environment or with different people?

How are you expanding the horizon of your past, present and distant future goals and achievements?

Did you have any involvement in social skills, leadership skills, training systems or membership in professional body?


Prepare yourself before you go to any interview, show the commitment and be relaxed like you are dating. Seek help for career counselling from experts.

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