February 7, 2018

Online Business Management Courses

Online Business Management Courses India

Get ahead of the Business world acquiring all required knowledge and skills to succeed and lead others.

Our online business management courses which are developed by experienced strategic business experts to give you all the strategic tools to develop your confidence to lead, placing yourself in a suitable career, entrepreneurial skills, sales and marketing skills, operational skills, project management skills, human resource management skills and  concept incubation strategies through asking “Why,  What & How” methods for idea generation to apply in your personal or professional life.

We teach 21st Century business management skills to our students through our Online Business Management Courses in Kolkata or Online Business Management Courses in India or anywhere from the world.

These Online Business Management Courses are designed to be a leader tomorrow and excel in the business world learning unique skills and wisdom from our business coach.

business communication course in India

Great business leaders are not born- they learn the skills, pursue the challenges, they are persistent, goal driven, prioritize their work and monitor their performance. They believe in continuous learning.

Decision making Skills: You will learn the know–how of planning, managing and leading teams within an organization, how to create an database and data driven decision making from Big Data, Artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithm.

Managing Diversity: Understanding how people management skill can build an efficient working environment

Strategic Planning: Developing the skills to lead the strategic direction of an organization

Organizational Behaviour: Understanding how human behaviour influences teams and organizations

business communication course in India

What you will learn in our Agile Business Analyst Certification Course


Organizing Meeting

  • How to create a meeting agenda
  • Meeting arrangement
  • Prepare documentation for meetings
  • Recording and post meeting analysis for decision making


Implement And Monitor Work Health & Safety Issues

  • Implementing and monitoring organizational WSH policies and procedures
  • Participation arrangements
  • Procedures and legal requirements for identifying hazards and assessing risks


Personal & Strategic Transformation

  • Lead yourself and your organization through transformation
  • Model and cultivate collaborative thinking
  • Learning strategic leadership during change process


Develop Collaborative Partnership with Stakeholders

  • Influence stakeholders through influence
  • Developing collaborative partnership
  • Team Building capability
  • Improving organizational learning strategy
  • Liaising with management
  • Facilitating team work, develop cohesion


Continuous Improvement Implementation

  • Implementing continuous improvement systems and processes
  • Monitoring and reviewing organizational performance
  • Scope analysis for further innovation
  • Total Quality management for reduction for wastage
  • Case Study: Toyota


Implementing Operational Plan

  • Resource acquisition and implementation strategy
  • Monitoring operational performance
  • Key performance indicators (KPI) implementation/ dashboard for monitoring daily results
  • Case Study: Mcdonalds, IKEA


Developing Budget and Financial Plan for an Organization

  • Create a financial management model
  • Monitoring and controlling finance
  • Implementing holistic financial management approaches
  • Ongoing review and evaluation of financial management processes



  • Learning all the challenges including the diversity of skills requirements
  • Historical theories of management
  • Social responsibility & ethics in management decision
  • Organizational culture
  • Communication improvement skills including business report writing
  • Planning & Creative decision making
  • Qualitative and quantitative performance (Balanced score card)


Marketing Management Strategies

  • Effective Marketing decision making
  • 4S’s of marketing
  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Value creation
  • Core competencies
  • The value chain
  • Establishing Strategic Business Units (SBU)
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Marketing Research
  • Creating long term loyalty relationships
  • Customer perceived value, Customer lifetime value
  • Marketing dashboard, KPI Metrix,
  • Key Psychology Factors: Motivation, perception, problem recognition,
  • Market segmentation
  • Brand creation
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Promising Pricing Techniques, value generation
  • Volume pricing, market based price setting, price & Inflation
  • Pricing Innovation: Pay per use, Freemium, Flat rates, Customer driven pricing
  • Pricing & Shareholder value
  • Technologies
  • Digital marketing, social media marketing, Search engine marketing (SEO), pay per Click (PPC) marketing
  • Product development
  • Managing Mass communication (Direct and Indirect)
  • Case Study: Marcedes Benz, Gillettte, Miele, Porsche


Sales Management Strategies

  • How to engage, learn, believe and act in the Sales process
  • Understanding the value of creating difference with your competitors
  • How to deal with customers compelling way
  • Learning and research process of your product/services
  • Bringing creativity
  • Showing the value to the client
  • How to close deal
  • How to make a great presentation
  • How to deal with objection
  • How to follow up clients
  • How to spread your company vision and building networks
  • Case Study: Hub Spot


Excellent Customer Relationship Management Strategies

  • Value creation to customers
  • Reducing Costs to improve service
  • Adding value through self- service, loyalty program
  • Customer training, educating and involvement in the ongoing process
  • Scaling service culture in the organization
  • Storytelling process
  • Case Study: Zapos, Southwest Airlines, Commerce Bank


Financial Reports Preparation For Better Decision Making

  • Balance Sheet Analysis (Financial Position)
  • Profit & Loss Statement Analysis (Financial Performance)
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Accounts Receivable (Debtor Ledger)
  • Accounts Payable (Creditors Ledger)
  • Fixed Asset register
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Business letter writing to debtors and creditors
  • Financial report presentation
  • Statutory requirement reports
  • Financial business recommendations
  • Business Planning: Budget Preparation – focus on cash budget
  • Revenue & Cost Determination
  • Operational Decision Making


Human Resource Management

  • Introducing Human Resource in broader context
  • Attracting key talents, interviewing skills
  • Performance analysis for employees through KPI
  • Training & development
  • Rewarding, engaging and evaluating employees for better productivity


Leadership In The Workplace

  • How to make informed decisions
  • How to enhance organizational impact to society
  • Model for higher level management performance
  • Policies for professional behaviour
  • Management & leadership, Ethical leadership, Virtual leadership
  • Trust sensitive leadership
  • Different leadership theories and frameworks to identify various leadership challenges
  • Leadership skills across the various organizational structures from Private sector to public sectors
  • Case Study: General Electric


Business Innovation For Entrepreneurs

  • New business concept incubation strategies, brainstorming, feasibility study and implementing Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Big Data, Artificial Intelligence(AI) and applying algorithm in marketing decision making
  • Database Management System
  • Statistical Analysis for data driven decision making
  • Reporting through Business Intelligence (Tableau)
  • SWOT Analysis Technique
  • Competitor business analysis
  • Scope analysis and implementing new innovation
  • Be Best & Winning Strategies
  • Case Study: Procter & Gamble


Potential career outcomes

  • Accounts Administrator
  • Accounts Team Leader
  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Executive Personal Assistant
  • Project Support Officer / Project Assistant/Junior Project Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Marketing Executive
  • Office Support Administrator
  • Operational Executive / Operational Officer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing Analyst / Digital marketing Analyst
  • Leadership Coach
  • Team Leader
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Client Relationship Manager

You will obtain ‘Agile Business Analyst Certification’ after 60Plus hours of training with our expert trainer with more than 10Plus years of experience in various business industries.

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