Top Key Questions Are Asked By Wise People 5/5 (2)

You face hundreds of rules in our daily life to follow which are concretely human made, not created by nature. You just blindly follow those rules to just survive while at certain stage of your life, you feel that you are unhappy, exhausted and not going towards your core purpose of life.

You need to ask below questions when you feel low.

How much of your daily time do you really spend on true purpose?

How you can allocate the required time if you still do not allocate to?

How do you listen to someone?

Do you listen empathetically, valuing them while listening?

Do you have humility, humbleness?

How do you become mindful of your thoughts, senses, smell, taste or sounds around you and inside of you?

Are you arrogant or do not like criticism from others, have you ever done any self-assessment?

How do you make decisions in your daily life?

What decisions you will make if you do not have any social or family pressure?

How do you stay disciplined?

Do you have any contingency plan or ‘Plan B’ if you lose your job tomorrow or you fail in your business?

How do you remind yourself of your ultimate death? Which work you want to finish if you die tomorrow?

How does your job provide autonomy, contributes to the wider community something meaningful to you and the world?

What belief did cost you too much such as you have lost your love, money, job, status, friends or family?

What is putting you off due to fear?

When you are working on something how focused you are on one thing?

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