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It is important to note that value proposition means what you promise or guarantee to provide your customers as an alternative for their cash.

It is the primary reason folks select one product or service over another. Whether it is performed well, it can bring you a spirited edge and assist you in developing your business.

The term value proposition is essential to the conversation optimization as it let you develop an insight of the cost that a consumer will get. When you test this process, they have a considerable impact on both the sales and conversion rate of your business.

Working of value proposition

  • It does several things when you performed right. Here are the primary functions of the value proposition as follow:
  • It guarantees some advantages to the consumer
  • Value proposition pinpoints the customers that the goods are for
  • It relates why and how your service or provide is superior to your competitors

Significance of value proposition

Now, almost every business uses the value proposition because it brings your business the capacity to tell your service or product way in the succinct way. Apart from that, it also persuades the potential consumers to consider your products or services.

Ways to develop the value proposition

Create a unique and suitable solution to the pain of your customer is a right way to create a perfect value proposition. In reality, there is no inappropriate or right way to develop the value proposition process, but this term should consist of the particular language your potential buyer is using.

Additionally, it should provide a unique advantage that no anyone in the market can replicate.

Try to avoid jargon which your potential consumer won’t’ understand.  It is smart to choose the language that must speak to your buyers on their sophistication and awareness level.

For developing the best value proposition, you need to imagine this scale.

You need to place the money of your potential consumers on one side. They desire to purchase a service or product for some business, as well as they are estimating various options. The value proportion is another side of a scale. All the advantages of your services or product add up as well as make the overall value.

In this process, you need to get more weight on your side for increasing the possibilities of winning a buyer.

Let’s consider another case.

If you do shopping by using Zappos platform, you recognize that you pay a huge amount for the similar accessories than in some other stores. Though, when you consider their round-the-clock client support, easy-to-use website, free shipping, and useful customer reviews, it all makes and adds up you make a decision to purchase from them.  You think that the worth of Zappos experience is valued more than the cash you are providing to Zappos.

Elements of value proposition:

  • Headline: The main benefit of offering details in a single short sentence is that it can quickly call out your customers. Additionally, it should acquire attention.
  • Two or three sentence paragraph or sub-headline: A detailed explanation of your service or product, the consumers it serves, as well as how the products are better than others in the market.
  • About three to four main benefits and features your service or product offers
  • Visuals: A picture has the capability to worth more than thousand words. Visuals can also show the product or an image of an individual who is ideal for the typical customer
  • You can confirm whether the present value proposition performs its task whether it answers all these questions:
  • What makes the offering of your business different and unique?
  • Does your service or product show what service or product your business is offering?
  • Who is a target audience for the service or product of your business?
  • What is the main advantage of utilizing it?

Best examples of value proposition


The primary headline resolves the problem that many folks who use the taxi services are having: A car they acquire is not truly the one people like so that Uber guarantees that forever the ride or journey you want.

It is simple to use. For getting a ride, you need not follow any painful procedures. Instead, you just tap a single button on your mobile phone. It is an excellent featured that describes a precise experience people will experience while using this app. Select the ride and set location.

This process eliminates the hassles of contacting taxi services for scheduling or ride. Advantages such as 24/7 availability improve the offering.

The smiling woman’s image in the most luxurious vehicle reinforces a positive experience.

UBER make a user feel like their opinion matters and brings a transparency feeling between passengers and drivers.


Major benefit: Naturally, people forgot certain things in their life or lost their ideas because they fail to note it down. The Evernote is a right solution for this problem.

You can have Evernote everywhere. Making the notes on smartphone as well as being capable of accessing them instantly on some other devices is an another advantage for people who have many devices

It let you find things quickly. Finding something is a collection of notes is a highly difficult process, so you can use Evernote that make the task simpler for you.

Share with friends. Sharing your files and records is essential for people with the most active lifestyle. Due to this, Evernote highlighted this benefit and feature.


The Shopify adds the certain amount of humor as well as show that Shopify is the most flexible solution for everyone.

Shopify comes with sufficient features to show the significant advantage of a platform in the short statements.  For people who are considering various platforms, it should be essential to persuade it for switching over to Shopify.

Shopify guarantees to sort away all the technical tasks and nitty-gritty while people focus on the growth of their business.

When you place together with the value proposition of your business, there are lots of benefits, advantages, and features of your services that you desire to add.

Prioritize them appropriately

Your major point of additional worth should be essential to your potential consumer. So for the Uber, the primary value proposition will be:

“Forever the ride you desire.”

You require conducting surveys as well as ask your consumers, “which is your primary problem/ pain/challenge when it comes to this service or product?”

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